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Researchers break Apple’s iMessage encryption, will be fixed in iOS 9.3

The way the FBI tells it, the encryption on Apple’s iOS is so secure, nothing can break it. Well, not so fast. As reported by the Washington Post, researchers at Johns Hopkins University say they’ve found a bug that allows them to break the encryption of iMessages, decoding photos and videos.

The method requires the data to be in transit, not stored, so it wouldn’t actually help in the case of the San Bernardino shooter’s locked iPhone. By writing software to mimic an Apple server, researchers were able to intercept an encrypted transmission that contained a link to a photo on an iCloud server, as well as a 64-digit key that decrypts it. The key wasn’t visible, but the researchers were able to brute-force each digit. The team notified Apple, who says it paritally fixed the flaw in iOS 9, and will release the full fix on Monday in iOS 9.3.

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PCWorld News

Your old dog may already know this Digiwell NFC trick

Patrick Kramer pulled back his sleeves and reached out an empty hand to offer his business card.

His contact details appeared on the smartphone screen as if by magic, but it was a sufficiently advanced technology that made it happen.

For an encore, he opened a locked door without a key. When anyone else touched the handle, it remained locked.

Unlike other magicians, Kramer willingly explained the secret to the trick, which is so simple a dog could perform it: In the flesh between his left thumb and forefinger, he has inserted a tiny glass bead containing an NFC chip.

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This video shows a Google self-driving car crashing into bus

Video has surfaced that shows a Valentine’s Day accident where a Google self-driving car was sideswiped after it pulled into the path of a city bus.

The accident is the first time an autonomous vehicle has been to blame for an accident.

The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority released the video today, which shows camera angles from both outside and inside the city bus throughout the accident. The videos don’t show a great amount of detail, but they give the viewer a good idea about how the collision occurred.

The Feb. 14 accident happened on El Camino Real, a wide boulevard consisting of three lanes in each direction that runs through Google’s hometown of Mountain View, Calif.

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