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Mozilla nears finish line for 64-bit Firefox transition

Mozilla now automatically delivers the 64-bit version of Firefox to Windows users with compatible hardware, the open-source developer said this week. (Firefox can be downloaded here.)

“Users on 64-bit Windows who download Firefox will now get our 64-bit version by default,” Mozilla explained in a Monday post to a company blog.

The 64-bit version of Firefox 55, which Mozilla released on Aug. 8, is now installed by default on all 64-bit hardware running a 64-bit edition of Windows. The only other requirement is that the personal computer must be equipped with at least 2GB of RAM, or system memory.

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Amazon has a 50-foot ethernet cable for less than $7

Wi-Fi is great, but for online gaming, Twitch broadcasting, or anything else that requires a stable, high bandwidth connection only a wired cable will do. 

If you stop at a brick and mortar store, a long ethernet cable can cost you well above $ 25. Amazon, however, is offering a 50-foot flat CAT 6 ethernet cable for just $ 6.90 right now. That makes it pretty cheap to reach the closest router from out-of-the-way corners in your home.

The item is sold by CableMonsta, but it’s fulfilled by Amazon and is covered by Amazon’s return policy. To get the deal, sign-in with your Amazon account, then redeem the “buy 1, get 42% off” coupon listed under the price. (You may need to be logged in from a desktop computer to see it.) You’ll see the discount during checkout.

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Best Buy is selling 60 AA batteries for under $7

While rechargeable AA batteries end up cheaper over the long haul, sometimes you just need the old-fashioned disposable kind on hand. Best Buy is making that more cost effective right now by offering 60 Insignia AA batteries for $ 6.74—or about eleven cents per battery. 

These are general purpose non-rechargeable alkaline batteries. There’s no claim on how long these batteries will last, but they should work out fine if you use them at a steady pace. Once the batteries are dead, check out RecycleNation for a location near you to dispose of them.

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Best Buy posts Essential phone listing, hinting at an imminent release

Andy Rubin’s Essential phone—you know, the other upcoming handset with the camera notch at the top of the screen—is now more than 30 days past its original shipping deadline, but we still don’t have a solid release date. However, a Best Buy listing suggests it could turn up at any moment.

As first spotted by Android Police, Best Buy has posted four listings for the Essential phone (PH-1), two each for the Sprint version (black and white) and the unlocked version (black and white). Those are the same two color options available during pre-orders on the Essential site, with gray and a bluish “ocean depths” options coming later.

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This week in games: Twitch plays Battlegrounds, Overwatch’s summer games return

ARK: Survival Evolved is supposed to leave Early Access by the end of August, and fellow survival game The Long Dark finally released the first part of its story mode this week. Pretty soon we won’t be able to make fun of the perpetually-unfinished-survival-game genre anymore. Alas.

That news, plus a look at Pillars of Eternity II’s biggest urban area, Twitch goes for the chicken dinner in Battlegrounds, Creative Assembly gives away 30 gifts for its 30th birthday, the Overwatch summer games return, and more. This is gaming news for July 31 to August 4.

City of dreams

The more I see of Pillars of Eternity II, the more it starts to remind me of Baldur’s Gate II. Case in point: The massive city of Neketaka, which Obsidian showed off in a Kickstarter update this week. I don’t know how central Neketaka will be to Pillars II, nor how many quests are contained therein, but I’m definitely having Athkatla flashbacks.

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