Transform Your Site into A User Friendly Place To Be

When was the last time you checked your site and asked how user friendly it is? Naturally, you need to know what to look for and what it all means. Giving your site this quality will make it an unstoppable marketing machine. Different sites in different markets will sometimes have to try different strategies, but you can figure that out and make progress.

Now that you know just a little bit, keep on going with this article and beyond because it’s a huge topic.

As far as the copy on your home page is concerned, avoid making it long and rambling. If you have what they’re looking for, then that’s great and your copy needs to make them want to read more. The strong focus now after Google’s Penguin update is to make all your content as good as possible. What ever kind of site you have, you want users to get to their destinations in ideally once click. It’s not hard to figure out for yourself what is too much because you know how you feel about it.

It is important to prove that you are better than the competition but you already know that.

You have lots of options here but it is important that you choose the right ways to go about it. This is part of the strategy with making your visitors nearly instantly aware of what your business provides. That’s what people want to see every single time they visit your website. They want to know what you can do for them and how they’ll benefit. Come up with a short tagline for your logo and then either include it in your header or right under it. That is one informational device down and your site’s title and introductory paragraph can take care of the rest.

It’s too easy to make writing mistakes either in your content or in other areas. Some of the examples of this are your side bars. The elements in this area all need attention too–things like the opt-in box for your email subscription list, special offers, etc. This means that the copy you publish for them has to be as effective as possible. Avoid doing what 99% of all the other webmasters do by just placing an optin box and an ebook graphic. It’s what people have gotten used to seeing and, therefore, have started to ignore it. You can place a smaller box in the side column with smaller font copy and an email field. You don’t want your font to be too small for people to see and it is important that your copy be as compelling as possible. Even when the site you’ve built is doing just horribly and nothing is working, you can turn it all around pretty quickly when you’ve got the right kinds of knowledge. Obviously you need to know how to implement it and how to do so with complete competence. The truth is that it is all up to you and how badly you want to build a highly successful business for yourself.

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