Here’s how NASCAR is digitizing race day

When cars leave the starting line at Sonoma Raceway in California on Sunday for the start of the Toyota/Save Mart 350, they’ll be taking part in the launch of a product designed to help NASCAR officials monitor and manage the 110-lap race.

New race management software that NASCAR is launching on Sunday is designed to give officials a single screen to watch where cars are on the racetrack, manage penalties and share information with racing teams about what’s going on.

It arose from a partnership between NASCAR and Microsoft that started in 2014. It began with a mobile inspection app that let race officials see whether cars were in compliance with all the rules about how they have to be constructed.

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What People Ought to Know about the Windows V Mac OS Debate

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A debate that will probably never end, is whether Windows OS or Mac OS is the best. Both operating systems have benefits for certain types of people, and those people aren’t going anywhere. In many ways, it depends on how you’re going to be using your computer, as Windows is better for some applications, and Mac for others. There are advantages of each system, and we will place our focus on those areas.

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Ask a friend which operating system they prefer and you may be surprised with the response.

One of the main reasons people have traditionally preferred Windows to Mac is because of compatibility issues. Due to the fact that more people are choosing Windows, more software applications are made for it’s operating system.

Even if there’s a Mac version, it may work differently and may not always be compatible. Still, with today’s Mac computers, you can easily run Windows through Bootcamp. This means you can run Windows on any recent Mac computer. The opposite (running Mac on Windows), however, isn’t an option and probably won’t ever be available. In the past, when you wanted to put Windows on your Mac you had one option: slow, awkward and unreliable programs like Virtual PC; thankfully this isn’t true anymore. Now, when you want to read files or play games that are only made for Windows you can still use your Mac for them.

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There are pros and cons to both the Windows and the Mac operating systems.

The most popular devices Apple makes aren’t actually computers, but are iPhones, iPads and iPods. However, when you have a Mac computer, you can conveniently connect your computer with these other devices. When your computer runs a Mac OS, you’ll have access to the free iCloud service and that service makes it super easy to keep your computer synced to your iPhone, your iPod and your iPad. So if you’re a fan of downloading content to your mobile devices, transferring them to your Mac computer is a lot easier than it used to be. Of course, this is only a benefit if you like to use Apple’s mobile devices. Windows users, on the other hand, generally have a far more difficult time keeping their computers and their mobile devices synced.

You shouldn’t buy your computer totally because of the way it looks, but it is important to most people. For the people who are concerned about the looks of their computer, Mac came out the winner. When designing their products, Apple put a lot of effort into having ones that were high functioning along with being ergonomic and attractive. Many brands have tried to keep their costs down, but attractive looks are important with Apple, and their designs. Today, many Windows-based computers are also nicely designed, so you can shop around and see what appeals to you. It is important to consider, but still the design of a computer isn’t the most important factor.

For fun, I asked a friend of mine who runs an online shop that sells cooking equipment that you can check out here what she preferred as her operating system. I must admit that I was quite shocked at her impassioned response. While I pretty much new she was a Mac fan, I was surprised by her impassioned attack on Windows and how horrible she felt the operating system actually was. So just for fun, ask one of your geekier friends what they prefer and get ready for what may be an impassioned response.

operating systems
There are pros and cons to both the Windows and the Mac operating systems.

We’ve looked at some of the most important differences between Windows and Mac OS. There are a lot of PCs or Macs that will do everything you need for completing any daily task, such as running typical programs, chatting, watching videos or anything else you do online. After all of your research, you should limit your choices to several computers, any one of which will work for you, and then choose the one that you like best or has the best price.

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