Elon Musk’s big $5.5B bet on Tesla Model 3 launch (and Hasselhof)

As Tesla prepares to launch its “profound” Model 3, CEO Elon Musk exercises some of his countless pre-IPO options. He’s putting $ 53.5 million of his own cash where his mouth is.

The new electric car will have over 200 miles of battery range and start at $ 35,000 (before government kickback). Musk wants this to be a no-brainer for the mass market, you’d think.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers see the zero-point. Not to mention: Hasselhoff

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Who NEEDS a computer repair pro?

Technology drives most of our own lives now. It’s extremely difficult to imagine enduring a week without your PC, laptop or tablet PC. So when your gadgets break down, you must get them repaired when you can. You could have a few technology savvy friends who will offer to fix your gadget for a free lunch. It’s a good idea to work using a professional when you think of all the significant data you could lose although seems like a tempting offer.

Saving your information that is important

The repair business can assist you to back up your information from a broken down PC and salvage. In fact this is a standard of service for most repair firms to back up the info in the computer memory before beginning repairs, in the event of any unforeseen challenges.

Saves you time

Looking to find out exactly what the problem is may take a terrific deal of time. They can let you save time on repairs especially when you’ve got deadlines to meet and you really want your Computer to take perfect working order ASAP.

Tips on the best way to avoid damage in the future

You’ve probably gotten basic training and are skillful in using a computer. However there are a lot of functions to your own computer that you have no idea about. The professional computer repair technician is able to help you stay away from problems in the future by giving you easy tips on computer use. You scan can find out the way to control power supply to your own personal computer and prevent viruses, identifying suspicious files and a number of other suggestions for your Personal Computer.

Can handle a variety of dilemmas

Professional computer repair can manage an assortment of challenges. From virus removal, fried motherboards to diagnosis that is simple, data copies, professional computer technicians can handle various repairs. A proficient technician will handle your PC with the care and respect you have earned as a client and ensure you get your PC in good working condition within the least time possible back.

Flash Drives – What’s next?

Lately, more than ever flash drives are serving more than one purpose. Now you can find a flash drive that has a built in mp3 player, a knife, even flash drives that are bullet proof and water proof. This opens up the field for nearly anyone who needs some form of data storage or additional entertainment throughout the course of the day. Even if a particular flash drive does not contain an mp3 player, you can still store music on the device for listening on any computer. Additionally, more and more car audio systems have usb ports for the addition of mp3 formatted music. For those who are in the market for their first are even a replacement cool flash drive, here are just a few types of what is available.


These particular flash drives are great for rough conditions. The chips used inside these flash drives are usually military grade meaning that they can handle extreme temperatures and vibration. Additioally, most of these flash drives have some form of water resistance. A ToughDrive is not only great for field personnel, but also users with children who are prone to causing destruction. Ask any parent and you are most likely going to hear at least one story of how their child destroyed some electronic device.


Some people need extra security when it comes to storing their information. Maybe you have a few pictures that you do not want anyone to see or just some important business files. Whatever the case may be, a good biometrics flash drive is most likely the best answer. A biometrics flash drive not only stores your information, but also contains a thumb or fingerprint scanner built into the device. Additionally, you can use this type of flash drive to secure other files and programs on your computer.

Credit Card Flash Drives

If you are part of the workaholic crowd, then odds are that your wallet or purse is equivalent to a filing cabinet. Face it, there is not very much room left in that wallet or purse for much more and in some cases simply storing a toothpick could be the end of your trusted filing cabinet. Credit card flash drives are pretty much exactly what they sound like. Picture a credit card sized piece of plastic that has one corner of it shaped perfectly for a usb port. That’s it. Not only are these flash drives convenient in size, but they also have plenty of storage. Storage can vary by model, but most credit card flash drives will hold 1 Gigabyte of data.

For those who need some extra data storage, but also like to listen to their music on their way, an mp3 player flash drive is the answer. These cool flash drives are not only capable of holding regular data, but they also will play mp3 formatted data as well. These are a great gift for any college student, since they contain not only a form of entertainment, but also the means to store assignments, reports, ect.

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