IDG Contributor Network: Twitter’s biggest problem: They’ve done too little about online abuse

President-elect Donald Trump has quite a presence on Twitter with over 18 million followers. He tweets, companies scurry under the rug. His supporters flock to retweet what he says, and the trolls who try to mock him are essentially lost in a haze of confusion. Say what you want about his political views, but he’s one of the few “successful” users on Twitter, perhaps even winning the election in 140-characters.

The rest of us out in the digital domain? While Trump has millions of followers, many Twitter users are content with a few hundred or a few thousand. When you tweet, a stalker-type can easily invade your stream and start harassing you all day long. It’s hard not to notice. You can report this, but there’s a void. You can block certain phrases, but the trolls will find workarounds.

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