An Impartial Analysis of the Dell OptiPlex 780 USFF

dell optiplex


Dell makes a large variety of laptops and desktops, and the Dell OptiPlex 780 USFF was made with a particular type of user in mind. One of the smallest form factor computers on the market that is designed for businesses with networks, this OptiPlex line is definitely USFF in design. If you have limited space, this will work perfectly, especially if you have a large number of computers on your network.

dell optiplex
Dell OptiPlex is designed for businesses with networks.

The Dell OptiPlex 780 USFF features compact hardware designed to save space but also a system that is not overloaded with a lot of unnecessary software, like many other units. Most new computers come with lots of bloatware and trial versions of various programs. While all the programs might seem impressive, especially to computer novices who think they’re getting their money’s worth, most of this software is useless. Businesses in particular don’t have time to waste deleting such programs, and they use up space and memory. With the Dell OptiPlex 780 USFF you can choose what software to install because it comes with Windows 7 and not much else. Of course, you need to be fully aware of what software your new computer will feature, though.

If you’re a business user with a Dell OptiPlex 780 USFF Desktop, you can take advantage of Dell ProSupport which gives you around the clock access to any help you might need. This support system was specifically configured for IT professionals who need to ensure their systems are running efficiently and securely all the time. You’ll be able to find solutions for a variety of issues rapidly since you will be able to contact Dell Expert Centers at all hours of the day or night, every day of the year. When necessary, you’ll receive the assistance of Dell certified technicians. Smaller businesses who don’t have IT staff can also get specialized support. These types of companies can get help with practically any problem they may come across from Dell ProSupport for End-Users.

Dell OptiPlex
The Dell OptiPlex 780 USFF is one of the most energy-efficient computers on the market

Designed with the environment in mind, the Dell OptiPlex 780 USFF is one of the most energy-efficient computers on the market. The size and compactness of the USFF is itself environmentally friendly in the sense that it takes up as little space as possible. You can also save a lot of power using this computer with the Dell Energy Smart power settings. When these settings are activated, you will start saving energy, yet still be able to use your computer in an efficient manner. You also know where to make improvements, saving you even more energy. This is possible because of the Dell Client Energy Savings Calculator on each computer. Each computer is also Energy Star compliant, which makes Dell OptiPlex 780 USFF computers up-to-date by modern energy usage standards. The Dell OptiPlex 780 USFF is a desktop that has many features businesses will appreciate, such as Intel vPro technology and an emphasis on security. Even though it will cost extra, the slim design will make it ideal for your home or office. So if you’re looking for a new office computer, or something for your home, this computer is one that everybody should have.