IDG Contributor Network: 94% of Microsoft vulnerabilities can be easily mitigated

If you want to shut out the overwhelming majority of vulnerabilities in Microsoft products, turn off admin rights on the PC.

That’s the conclusion from global endpoint security firm Avecto, which has issued its annual Microsoft Vulnerabilities report. It found that there were 530 Microsoft vulnerabilities reported in 2016, and of these critical vulnerabilities, 94% were found to be mitigated by removing admin rights, up from 85% reported last year.

This is especially true with the browser, for those who still use Microsoft’s browsers. 100% of vulnerabilities impacting both Internet Explorer and Edge could be mitigated by removing admin rights, Avecto reported. One bit of progress is that 109 vulnerabilities impacting IE 6 through 11 were reported in 2016, way down from 238 in the previous year.

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