What the Ubiquiti AmpliFi mesh router is missing

Among the new crop of mesh routers, the Ubiquiti AmpliFi seemed the most promising. So, when a client was having Wi-Fi problems, yet again, I thought that perhaps this might be the time to set them up with a mesh network with a single Wi-Fi password. 

The AmpliFi routers are very new, and normally, I would wait until there is more feedback, but I was willing to make an exception because Ubiquiti is a well-known networking company.

But first, I checked the User Guide looking for the one feature every techie needs when setting up a network for someone else – remote access (a.k.a Remote Administration). Typical articles on router security say to disable Remote Administration, but that’s an overly simplistic view, common among the art history majors that write so many tech articles.

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